Why a Ragdoll?

What is a Ragdoll?

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our beautiful Blue point male Ragdoll, “Raja”.

Rockabye baby !

A  ragdoll  cat  is... 
Much more than a pretty face! 
They are more than rich, soft fur with a Silky texture.
More than big bluE eyes!
The behavior of a Ragdoll is what sets them 
Royally apart .

I had read and I had been told ... 
but then, I experienced!

     People oriented
Similar to my dog wherever I am- 
they want to be also.
Often they follow me through the house 
just to see where I am going and hoping
 I sit so they can flop down and offer 
their tummies for a rub.

They are known for their lounging,
also called flopping or rag doll posture.
They are a cat that looks regal, yet will
love you without an attitude.
Raja, our male, goes limp when
his large body is being toted around 
by my six year old daughter.
He just lets his body hang as he is 
carted about, stuffed in doll beds and
worn like a feather boa!
So, you know what I am going to say,
they are just great with Kids! 
They chase toys, light beams
and crumpled paper like any cat.
However, they are not crazy cats.
They are not cats that climb the drapes
and hang from them to show off! 
If that is the kind of  “Cat Circus” 
you want in your home then understand 
it’s not part of the Ragdoll temperament.

     Tolerant of water
Have you ever tried to wash a cat? 
Do you still have the scars to prove it?
My Ragdolls stand in the tub 
as I shampoo and shower them.
No clawing, no frantic wild eyes. 
This really shows their ability to tolerate.
And it  is not trained into them. I heard 
they could be bathed but at first was afraid
 to try since I got my cats as adults. 
When I got my nerve to do it I was amazed!

They have a docile manner and desire
 to be with you. They are a breed 
that can be trained to walk on a leash.

Most cats go from cute kitten to 
Love snob -“ I will love you on my terms -only.” 
This is known as the cat attitude. 
Or, there are the cats that love 
one person and hide from the rest. 
Ragdolls just love being loved.
They go from cute, lovable, playful kitten
 to beautiful, lovable, cat with kitten fur.

     Not fighters
Not a scaredy cat!
They are not bothered by commotion. 
They can get along with most dogs 
because they just don’t  freak out 
and give chase as many cats might.
My male loves to ride in the car, sitting 
in the front seat .
 In some situations you may need
to help protect them from the kids who 
play rough or from the dog who is aggressive 
no matter what. They are so mild and trusting
that they should not  be outdoor cats!
Make use of the harness and leash for walks
or keep them indoors. Seriously, if you 
want an outdoor cat this is not the breed.  

Understand- These are traits of A Ragdoll breed .

     All Cats have personalities. There is always a range that is in general keeping with the breed.  One cat may have a bit more purr in its motor. Another cat just may draw a line with the dog and give it a swipe.  

     Like people, cats can be traumatized and become scared or shy. 
It is very important to keep people from playing or teasing to harshly with your kitten.

     During the kitten stage  do remember: Body growth means Mind development .
Personality development is affected by the cats surrounding conditions.
                                                     It pays to be kind!

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